On-Camera Audition Class!

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Every Wednesday, 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

To reserve your spot, e-mail: info@atwaterplayhouse.com by the Monday before class.


$35/class – Sign ups via email begin Sunday night at 6pm the week of each class to reserve your spot.  No Cancellations or Refunds for ANY reason..

Acting takes more then just training and tools. It takes consistent PRACTICE! In this class you will…

  • Receive scenes, break them down, and create a character.
  • Work up to giving your highest level of performance every time so you will be at the top of your game when the big auditions come.
  • Work in a safe and constructive environment created by a small and intimate class size.
  • Discuss and evaluate your performance with a director who has worked with actors on more than 100 film, TV, theatre, and commercial productions and auditioned well over one thousand actors.

Class Description

You will receive two scenes to prepare in advance. During class, you will perform the two scenes and discuss your work with the director, receiving constructive feedback and tools that will help you with your auditions in the future. You will then perform the scene a second time in front of the camera, allowing you practice making adjustments based the notes you received. Watch your performance back in HD on a large TV monitor and listen and learn as you watch your classmates go through the same process.

To reserve your spot, e-mail: info@atwaterplayhouse.com by the Monday before class.



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